Waxing Hair Removal

For both men and women who are looking for temporary hair removal methods which would last longer than others, waxing is an ideal solution. Results of waxing can last up to eight weeks, depending on the rate of growth of your hair. It uses a resin-based wax like product which removes hair from the root. A cosmetologist or an esthetician can perform this on a client in any waxing salon. However, there are also off the shelf products which one can be used at home.

Any part of the body can be waxed as there are different kinds of wax suitable to different kind of hair. There are also different methods of waxing. One method is with the use of hot wax which is spread thinly across the skin. A paper strip or a strip of cloth is pressed on top of the wax and ripped off in the direction against the hair growth. Another method is by the use of hard wax which does not use any paper strip or cloth. This method simply lets the wax cool and hardens before it is stripped off. Another option is with the use of cold wax, where a small amount of wax with a clay-like consistency is used to strip off hair from the skin without the use of any paper strip or cloth. It  requires the wax to sit and harden as its consistency allows it to be sticky enough to pull out the hair. This method is fast and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

There are a number of advantages of implementing waxing hair removal. It allows the removal of large amounts of hair in one quick motion and results can last from two weeks up to eight weeks. Additionally, the hair that grows back is softer unlike with shaving where hair often reappears stubbly. It can also be a semi-permanent hair removal method as hair follicles can become damaged if waxed frequently. This means that the hair is then unable to grow back, thus acting as a permanent hair removal option. Many people who wax their hair, state that regular treatment prevents hair regrowth.

There are also disadvantages with this hair removal method. More apparent than anything else, waxing is painful once the strip is removed from the skin. This pain does not last very long but it can be very intense, especially to more sensitive areas. Another disadvantage is the price if treatments are carried out regularly. Most waxing salons charge around £10 to £40 per visit, depending on the area to be waxed so costs can quickly mount up.

Although there are home waxing packs available from the high street, the process can be tricky especially in hard to reach areas. Furthermore, if the waxing is not performed properly, the hair follicles can start to grow in different directions and become more noticeable. Some people also experience ingrown hairs, skin irritation, infection and some bleeding. Lastly, your hair needs to be at least one-fourths of an inch long, or else hair cannot be stripped off.

The drawbacks to waxing hair removal can be avoided if cleanliness is observed before and after the procedure. It is also advised to have this procedure carried out by a licensed professional. Additionally, people taking steroids or those with varicose veins are discouraged to try waxing. Most salons will provide a quick guide on waxing and it is best to follow these down to the last letter.

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