Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair is a common problem, more so in women than men. It is considered unnatural for women to have hair on the face and particularly on the chin or lips. It certainly is not flattering, neither is it an attractive feature. Facial hair has a way of reducing a woman’s self esteem and confidence. It is not surprising therefore, that any woman confronted with this problem goes to long lengths to get rid of this hair, including upper lip laser hair removal.

The lip area is quite sensitive and so the hair removal method has to be one that will cause minimal damage. Commonly used lip hair removal methods include shaving, tweezing, waxing and plucking. Most of these techniques are time consuming, painful, temporary and can leave behind ugly marks that are in no way complimentary particularly if you are a woman. What makes them appealing to most people is that they are cheap and can be used at home without having to rely on using professional services.

Electrolysis and laser are the latest hair removal methods which offer more permanent and less painful outcomes. Laser has found favour with many people because of its effectiveness and fast results. Both of these methods are more expensive than the treatments mentioned earlier.upper lip laser hair removal

Upper lip laser hair removal remains an attractive option as long as safety measures are observed given its sensitivity. Before making the decision to have lip laser treatment, the cause of the lip hair has to be established first. This is particularly important for women because facial hair can be a hormonal or genetic problem and you want to use the most appropriate remedy. If hormonal imbalances are causing the lip hair, you should consider visiting a reproductive endocrinologist. If the problem is a genetic one then, then the various techniques which have been described in this article can work for you. It is important to note that there are potential risks to using home laser kits for lip hair removal.

It is very challenging getting expert hair removal practitioners especially when you have numerous advertisements to pick from. Advertisements should be scanned very carefully. Be wary of treatment centers or clinics that use non-medical staff for such services. It is not unusual to experience temporary laser side effects like burns, skin colour change or scabs but this can get worse if you have a dark skin tone and light coloured hair. It can also help to stay out of the sun a few weeks prior to an upper lip hair removal. Light skinned clients who have dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal and is the reason why it is recommended that one’s laser suitability is first determined using expert services especially when it comes to the lip area. It is one body part you don’t want messed up as it is difficult to hide any problems following treatment.

Different skin types require different laser settings and so the practitioner needs to use the right laser setting to prevent disastrous outcomes. You don’t have to worry about this if the practitioner attending to you knows their job.

Upper lip laser hair removal may require only one laser session since the area to be treated is a small. Additional sessions may be required depending on your specialist’s decision. Irrespective of the number of sessions and expenses incurred, laser remains of the best ways to deal with upper lip hair as long as basic safety rules are observed.

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