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Laser Hair Removal For Black Women

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Hair removal in unwanted areas of the body is an activity most of us do on a regular if not daily basis, the only difference is the target area. Common hair removal areas include the head, back, chest, under arms, legs or face. There are both permanent and temporary ways of eliminating unwanted hair. Most people tend to go for the permanent options, of which electrolysis and laser are most popular. These two methods have revolutionised the way unwanted hair is eliminated.

As time is going by, laser treatment is proving to be the more popular permanent hair removal method. However, it does not work the same for everyone. The lighter the skin, the better the results. This means that there is a difference in outcome for light and dark skinned clients. For dark coloured people, the skin pigment or melanin tends to absorb light thereby causing burns, discoloration and blisters. This is one of the biggest challenges for black people and in particular, laser hair removal for black women. Cosmetic surgeons are not spared this challenge either.

Furthermore, laser does not work the same among black people due to difference in melanin levels. It is for this reason that every black woman interested in laser hair removal arms themselves with the right information if they are to achieve satisfactory hair removal for black womenresults.

It is a dangerous thing for any black woman to assume that what has worked for a friend, colleague or family member will work the same for them. This is asking for trouble. Of course, it is very depressing for any woman to have hair grow in unusual and visible body areas such as the face, arms, legs, chin or lips. This is bad for self esteem and is the reason why an affected woman will go to any lengths to get rid of such unwanted hair. It is at this point that extra caution is called for to avoid disastrous results. A little research, education and consultation will do a lot of good.

There are many sources to get information on laser hair removal for black women. What is important is to use reliable sources. Latest laser hair removal publications by reputable medical organisations or experts are available both in print and online. You can also pay a visit to the same medical organisations or dermatologists to get more information or seek clarifications. If the focus of such organisations, cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists is on black people or black women, the better for you. Visit licensed laser clinics or treatment centres as well to get any information that you may require. Some laser institutions hold occasional workshops to educate the public on laser hair technology.

Another source of information for laser hair removal for black women is internet hair removal websites. They have to be reliable websites. For example, we have online hair removal forums and consumer review sites where one can get important and useful information.

It is often said that information is power and so any black woman interested in laser hair removal should strive to get any required information from the right sources. The main advantage of seeking reliable and dependable information is that one gets properly educated on laser hair removal for black women for them to make informed decisions and choices.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Pregnant Women?

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

“Is laser hair removal safe for pregnant women?” is a frequently asked question by many mothers to be. The unfortunate thing is no concrete answer can be given. Laser hair removal is known to offer excellent results and hence its popularity.

One of the reasons why some women seek hair removal services during pregnancy is because during this time, among other body changes, hair grows faster and thicker in different parts of the body. You might even have hair growing in the most unexpected places such as the face, clearly an unwelcome change. This is all because of hormonal changes that are taking place in the expectant mother. Pregnancy is also a period you want to be at your best as far as hygiene is concerned. Others do so for purely aesthetic reasons. The need to get rid of this unwanted hair is what has led to the concern of “is laser hair removal safe for pregnant women?”. Some women express this fear when, upon starting or completing laser treatment, they later discover they are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a delicate condition and everything is done to ensure that both the mother and baby are protected. It is a period of hormonal havoc, not the best time to expose the mother to uncertain exposures like laser hair removal. It is safer to use other hair removal methods like shaving, tweezing, threading or waxing. However, the unsightly appearance of hair on the belly, face, legs, nipples or arms is what drives most expectant mothers to seek long term solutions to the problem. Laser hair removal has become so popular that it is no wonder some pregnant women consider it a viable option.

Unfortunately no known comprehensive study has been undertaken to establish whether laser hair removal is safe for pregnant women. What we have presently are assumptions and precautions. To play it safe, most medical practitioners recommend that expectant women avoid laser hair removal. The reasons given are that it may interfere with the proper development of the foetus, threaten the life of the mother, or worsen the already imbalanced hormonal situation. Some prefer that the procedure is done after delivery or after the mother is through with breast feeding.

However, some health practitioners are of the opinion that laser hair removal is safe for pregnant women since laser radiations do not penetrate deep enough to get to affect the foetus. Then there those who say that the treatment is safe as long as it is done in the early stages of the pregnancy. There are yet others who are of the opinion that lasers can be administered safely as long as the bikini, abdomen and breast areas are avoided.

In circumstances where it is not clear whether or not “is laser hair removal safe for pregnant women?”, the safest option would be to put off the procedure until one is through delivering their baby. Some laser clinics or specialists will not offer hair removal services to expectant women or if they do, topical anaesthesia is not used and some body areas like the abdomen are steered clear of.

If you decide to take the risk, despite all that has been said, consult with your obstetrician and a laser specialist first for you to make an informed decision.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Facial hair is a common problem, more so in women than men. It is considered unnatural for women to have hair on the face and particularly on the chin or lips. It certainly is not flattering, neither is it an attractive feature. Facial hair has a way of reducing a woman’s self esteem and confidence. It is not surprising therefore, that any woman confronted with this problem goes to long lengths to get rid of this hair, including upper lip laser hair removal.

The lip area is quite sensitive and so the hair removal method has to be one that will cause minimal damage. Commonly used lip hair removal methods include shaving, tweezing, waxing and plucking. Most of these techniques are time consuming, painful, temporary and can leave behind ugly marks that are in no way complimentary particularly if you are a woman. What makes them appealing to most people is that they are cheap and can be used at home without having to rely on using professional services.

Electrolysis and laser are the latest hair removal methods which offer more permanent and less painful outcomes. Laser has found favour with many people because of its effectiveness and fast results. Both of these methods are more expensive than the treatments mentioned earlier.upper lip laser hair removal

Upper lip laser hair removal remains an attractive option as long as safety measures are observed given its sensitivity. Before making the decision to have lip laser treatment, the cause of the lip hair has to be established first. This is particularly important for women because facial hair can be a hormonal or genetic problem and you want to use the most appropriate remedy. If hormonal imbalances are causing the lip hair, you should consider visiting a reproductive endocrinologist. If the problem is a genetic one then, then the various techniques which have been described in this article can work for you. It is important to note that there are potential risks to using home laser kits for lip hair removal.

It is very challenging getting expert hair removal practitioners especially when you have numerous advertisements to pick from. Advertisements should be scanned very carefully. Be wary of treatment centers or clinics that use non-medical staff for such services. It is not unusual to experience temporary laser side effects like burns, skin colour change or scabs but this can get worse if you have a dark skin tone and light coloured hair. It can also help to stay out of the sun a few weeks prior to an upper lip hair removal. Light skinned clients who have dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal and is the reason why it is recommended that one’s laser suitability is first determined using expert services especially when it comes to the lip area. It is one body part you don’t want messed up as it is difficult to hide any problems following treatment.

Different skin types require different laser settings and so the practitioner needs to use the right laser setting to prevent disastrous outcomes. You don’t have to worry about this if the practitioner attending to you knows their job.

Upper lip laser hair removal may require only one laser session since the area to be treated is a small. Additional sessions may be required depending on your specialist’s decision. Irrespective of the number of sessions and expenses incurred, laser remains of the best ways to deal with upper lip hair as long as basic safety rules are observed.

Full Body Hair Removal

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

If there is one area most people like to take care of and make sure it is in good working order, it is the body. Billions of dollars are spent yearly to make people look and feel good. Many people consider body hair repulsive or unsightly and a lot of time, money and effort is spent in getting rid of it.

One exception though is head hair, a vital beauty asset for most women. Body parts like the neck, back, chest, underarms, legs, face and legs are common target areas for hair elimination. Body hair can be eliminated one area at a time or the whole body at one go using temporary or permanent removal methods. However, people stand to gain significantly by opting for permanent full body hair removal.

Shaving, waxing, electrolysis, laser, sugaring, tweezing and plucking are examples of methods one can use to remove unwanted hair. The most common full hair body removal methods are waxing and laser. Of the two, laser is the most preferred though more expensive. The best thing about using laser is that you won’t be bothered by unwanted hair ever again and the removal process is effective and fairly painless.

One main advantage of full body hair removal that comes immediately to mind is being able to eliminate the hair permanently for all hairy body parts. This could be expensive in the short term but cheaper in the long run as you will not have to constantly engage in hair removal. This saves you money, time and energy, all of which are better spent in other life improving activities. You will have reduced your body maintenance costs by a good margin and your health status will be improved for the better.

You will benefit from less body odour and sweat issues to deal with and this goes a long way in improving one’s self esteem and confidence. Better still, certain hair removal clinics and centres offer full body packages which helps to significantly bring down treatment costs.

Permanent full body hair removal also saves you from having to deal with serious side effects brought about constantly using health threatening hair removal methods.

Certain professionals like models, athletes and body builders stand to benefit from this kind of hair removal as it increases their professional success. There are body artists as well who like to show off their tattoos for personal or commercial reasons and having tattoos covered with hair would certainly get in the way.

It is important that you use hair removal clinics or centers that offer safe full body hair removal services using advanced hair removal techniques. For example, advanced laser hair removal technology has in-built cooling systems or chill tip technology to make the procedure less painful.

Experienced and qualified professionals should administer the removal services. Before any hair removal is undertaken, professional consultation is advised so that candidate suitability and costs are determined.

A full body hair removal using laser requires at least 4-6 sessions for the procedure to be completed successfully. Waxing is the popular and cheaper though not permanent alternative.

Body Hair Removal

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Body hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair from the body. People practice body hair removal for different reasons such as aesthetic, medical, cultural and religious. Society has developed social norms when it comes to body hair removal and this differs between different cultures. For instance, women in some Western countries tend to have hair other than their head, eyebrows and eyelashes removed. On the other hand, there are religions which requires head-shaving. For whatever reasons it may be, body hair removal will be encountered by anyone at some point of his life. Having unsightly hair can often hurt one’s confidence, even the highest celebrities have experienced it. Kim Kardashian, the famous model and tv star has tried many different body hair removal methods after having her confidence knocked because of body hair. Read Kim Kardashian’s hair removal story here.

Forms of Body Hair Removal
There are two forms of hair removal, namely depilation and epilation. Depilation only removes the hair about the surface of the skin, while epilation removes the entire hair including the part of the hair below the skin. Since depilation only removes the superficial hair, the effects usually only lasts for a couple of days to a week, depending on a person’s hair growth rate. Effects of epilation usually last longer since the entire hair is removed from the root. The hair usually grows back in a couple of weeks to a month.

Methods of Body Hair Removal
Hair removal methods can give both temporary and permanent effects. Examples of temporary depilation hair removal methods are shaving and depilatories. Common forms of depilatories are creams and lotions, which have an active ingredient that breaks down the hair’s protein so that it is easily scraped off the skin. However, most depilatory creams have a foul smell and can also irritate sensitive skin.

There are a number of epilation hair removal methods that gives temporary results. Examples of which are tweezing, threading, waxing and epilators. Tweezing can be a painful and tedious process as each hair is manually pulled out one at a time using a tweezer. Threading uses twisted thread rolled across the skin and pulls out the hair in the process. Waxing uses a hot or cold wax that is applied to the skin to pull off hair by strips. And epilators are mechanical devices that are rolled on the skin and grabs and pulls off the hair in one quick motion. It should be noted though that these methods can be a bit painful as the hair will be pulled off from the root.

Some people prefer permanent hair removal methods such as laser hair removal and IPL. Laser hair removal uses light energy to remove hair directly from the roots. The light is best absorbed by dark objects so it works best with dark coarse hair. IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light epilators. Intense light is beamed onto the skin which strikes the hair shaft and destroys the hair follicle. Both methods require a minimum number of sessions for best results. There are still criticisms about the effectiveness and safeness of these procedures therefore it is best to have these procedures done by a qualified beauty therapist.

There are a lot of different body hair removal procedures available and choosing the right one for each individual can be tricky as each process has its own advantage and disadvantages. Furthermore, each person will have different needs thus a hair removal method effective for one person may not always be effective for others. It is recommended to seek the advice for a trained professional such as a dermatologist or a beauty therapist in determining the best option for you.

Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Laser hair removal has come a long way since the 1990s when it was first made available to consumers. The advancement in technology has improved the quality of laser hair removal. Old generation lasers were painful, slow and were only effective to dark hair and light skin. This is because lasers were only targeted on the dark hair follicles. However, lasers nowadays are less painful and can work in any hair color and skin tone.

There are several types of laser hair removal and no single type is ideal for every person. Depending on a person’s hair color and skin color, some lasers will be more effective than others. Examples of different types of laser are Alexandrite Laser, Diode Laser and YAG Laser. Each type will have its own benefits and disadvantages.

Therefore, there is a mixed reception and different laser hair removal reviews from consumers. Generally, 7 out of 10 people are satisfied with laser hair removal. Satisfied consumers can attest to its efficacy and speed in removing hair. Some consumers say that they have had the treatment done 10 years ago and they have not experienced any adverse side effects. It is also fairly affordable compared to other hair removal methods since it offers a permanent effect.

Each treatment only costs around £50 to £100 and it only takes a minimum of 7 treatments to see results.

However there are laser hair removal reviews from customers who are not satisfied with their experience because of the adverse side effects it causes. Some consumers had experienced itching, redness and swelling in the treated area. There are also those who are left with ingrown hair, skin discoloration and even burned skin. However, most people who experienced these adverse side effects had the procedure done by an unqualified practitioner. It is important to have the procedure done by a dermatologist or a licensed beauty therapist. Additionally, different areas of the body will not react to the treatment the same way so it is best to have test patches done.

Even if it might cost a little more, it is still best to have the procedure done in a certified aesthetic salon or a doctor’s clinic. It is best to invest in yourself, as it is the most precious asset that you could ever have. The laser technology is still developing, and hopefully someday, the adverse effects will be completely eliminated.

Facial Hair Removal Cream

Monday, May 16th, 2011

There are many products in the market that can be used by people to relieve themselves of unwanted facial hair. Most prefer using a facial hair removal cream because the results are pain free, quick and side effects, if any, are minimal. These facial creams destroy hair by dissolving, leaving behind a lovely clear skin. Most of these creams are generally safe but there are some precautions you need to take to prevent possible injuries and reactions.

The first thing that you need to do before deciding to use any facial hair removal cream is to carry out a patch test. This involves selecting a portion of your skin and applying the facial cream on to it in order to see if there will be any reaction. If there is no burning or uncomfortable feeling, then it is safe for you to go ahead and use it. This way you will avoid having to deal with any side effects or other unpleasantries. Some facial cream products even have samples that you can use to carry out a patch test.

When shopping for a facial hair removal cream, scrutinize the ingredients carefully to see if there are some you might react to. If you have a very sensitive skin, it is best that you do not use facial hair creams but if you have to, buy those specially made to cater for sensitive skin. Some facial creams have a strong smell so pick one that will not leave you feeling nauseated. You can also go the extra mile to consult a skin specialist to determine cream products that will be suitable for your face, particularly if you already have a skin condition or are pregnant. Watch out for facial creams with exaggerated and unfounded claims on their effectiveness, these are often the strongest and can harm your skin.

Upon deciding on a facial hair removal cream that works for you, it is important to read the instructions very carefully before use and follow the directions to the letter to avoid damaging your face. Remember to use dermatologically tested facial hair creams. After removing the hair, you need to use a quality moisturiser regularly to avoid any possible after effects. It helps not to be dependent on the same facial cream so you can minimise side effects caused by over dependency on one cream product. In some cases, it is even preferred that you interchanges creams or use other facial hair removal methods that are equally good and safe.

The application method you use to apply the facial hair removal cream will sometimes determine whether your react to a particular product or not. The application of any facial cream should be done gently; rubbing it in is not advisable, as this will irritate the skin. If you are able to use facial creams made from natural ingredients, this is better for you. 

In these modern times, some cosmetic companies conduct product seminars in partnership with skin or beauty specialists where you can get useful tips on how to best use facial hair removal creams. This can be offered free for customer care purposes, or some small fee might be charged.
In the unfortunate event that you experience some negative reaction while using a facial hair removal cream, you should seek medical attention immediately.