Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring originated in Egypt thousands of years ago. Sugaring hair removal method is somewhat similar to waxing. Both procedures apply a substance used to pull of hair from the follicle with an aid of a paper strip or cloth. However, in sugaring, a sugar-based substance is used and applied to the skin, whereas in waxing, a resin-based substance is utilised. Unlike waxing, the sugar solution only sticks to hair and not the skin, minimizing the pain. The sugar solution is usually hot which also minimizes pain as well. Sugar contains natural substances which do not irritate the skin, unlike waxing which uses different chemicals and so can cause issues. Sugaring is also easier to clean and remove compared to waxing which uses petroleum additives.

Sugaring can be performed in different areas of the body such as the lips, underarm, legs and bikini line. However, it is not recommended to be used on male beards as there is a different root system for this area. Application of the sugar solution is similar to waxing. A thin coating of the solution is spread across the skin and hair is pulled out in the opposite direction with an aid of a cotton strip or cloth. Hair should be at least one quarter of an inch long to obtain the best results. It is also recommended to trim longer hair to this length in the first instance. Effects can last from 2 weeks up to 8 weeks, depending on the hair growth rate of a person. Like waxing, frequentsugaring hair removal sugaring treatment can also lead to a semi-permanent hair removal method as it damages the hair follicle and hair may not grow back permanently. Additionally, hair that grows back is thinner and easier to remove.

There are number of advantages to using sugaring hair removal. First, it is a good way of removing large amounts of hair in exposed parts of the body. And since the sugar solution only sticks to hair, the procedure is less painful than waxing. There are off the shelf sugaring kits available in supermarkets and pharmacies which can be used at home. The sugar paste can also be reapplied to areas where hair was missed without any adverse irritations.

There are also disadvantages to this hair removal method. It can be messy and preparation of the sugar solution can be tricky. Getting the correct consistency is hard which might affect the effectiveness of the procedure. Even though it can be done at home, there are areas that are hard to reach which can prove to be difficult if carried out alone. There is also a potential for hair strands to break off and not be completely removed from the hair follicle.

As with any other beauty treatments, there are recommendations which should be strictly followed such as avoiding broken skin.

There are only a few salons that offer sugaring treatment. Some salons just use wax that is mixed with sugar but will not obtain the same results. Procedures cost around £20 to £40, depending on the area to be treated. Sugaring treatment kits which can be done at home are also available to buy online, with prices that range from £30 to £40.

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