Plucking (Tweezing) Hair Removal

Plucking or tweezing if by far the most inexpensive hair removal method. Hair is mechanically removed one by one from the root by the use of tweezers. Plucking is an effective hair removal method but is only ideal for hair that grows in small areas such as the eyebrows and underarms. Plucking a large amount of hair one by one proves to be too much trouble, not to mention the pain it involves. It is best to use the right tweezers so that hair can be effectively pulled out from the skin.

The best tweezers have round, flat or slanted edges as opposed to pointed edges. Tweezers with pointed edges have the danger of being able to puncture the skin. It is advised to perform the procedure after a hot bath so that the hair follicles are relaxed making the plucking process easier. A hot cloth can also be placed on the skin where the hair will be removed from. It is important to stretch the skin before plucking the hair and grip the hair as close as possible to the skin so that the entire hair strand will be removed from the roots. If the hair is abruptly pulled out, the hair can break off leaving the roots under the skin. This will result in the forming of ingrown hairs and “chicken-like” skin. Hairs on the eyebrow should never be over-plucked as the eyebrow hairs do not grow back very quickly. Alternatively, some salons offer professional tweezing services ranging around £5.

Aside from having good tweezers, it is important to have good lighting so that you can pull the hair closest to its roots. Hair is always advised to be pulled in the directiontweezing hair removal of the hair growth. For women, it is not recommended to carry out plucking just before their monthly period as it may cause more pain than usual. If the skin swells after plucking, ice can be rubbed on the affected area in order to reduce the swelling. Since the hair is removed with the roots, hair re-growth can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the rate your hair grows.

The plucking process can be a bit painful especially to sensitive areas. It is always best to disinfect the skin before and after plucking to decrease the chances of infection. Aside from using the conventional tweezers, there are electronic tweezers available in beauty shops. The device grasps the hair and is held for about 15 seconds while a current travels from the shaft to the root, and then the hair easily slides out. However, there are those who question the effectiveness of such devices as hair is not a conductor of electricity. Furthermore, electronic tweezers emit a low level of radiation which can be harmful for pregnant women and those who have pacemakers in the heart.

Plucking hair removal is a convenient and inexpensive way of maintaining unwanted hairs to a minimum. Though the process might require some more time, it’s a simple maintenance routine that anyone can but into his or her routine at any time he or she wishes.

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