Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Pregnant Women?

“Is laser hair removal safe for pregnant women?” is a frequently asked question by many mothers to be. The unfortunate thing is no concrete answer can be given. Laser hair removal is known to offer excellent results and hence its popularity.

One of the reasons why some women seek hair removal services during pregnancy is because during this time, among other body changes, hair grows faster and thicker in different parts of the body. You might even have hair growing in the most unexpected places such as the face, clearly an unwelcome change. This is all because of hormonal changes that are taking place in the expectant mother. Pregnancy is also a period you want to be at your best as far as hygiene is concerned. Others do so for purely aesthetic reasons. The need to get rid of this unwanted hair is what has led to the concern of “is laser hair removal safe for pregnant women?”. Some women express this fear when, upon starting or completing laser treatment, they later discover they are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a delicate condition and everything is done to ensure that both the mother and baby are protected. It is a period of hormonal havoc, not the best time to expose the mother to uncertain exposures like laser hair removal. It is safer to use other hair removal methods like shaving, tweezing, threading or waxing. However, the unsightly appearance of hair on the belly, face, legs, nipples or arms is what drives most expectant mothers to seek long term solutions to the problem. Laser hair removal has become so popular that it is no wonder some pregnant women consider it a viable option.

Unfortunately no known comprehensive study has been undertaken to establish whether laser hair removal is safe for pregnant women. What we have presently are assumptions and precautions. To play it safe, most medical practitioners recommend that expectant women avoid laser hair removal. The reasons given are that it may interfere with the proper development of the foetus, threaten the life of the mother, or worsen the already imbalanced hormonal situation. Some prefer that the procedure is done after delivery or after the mother is through with breast feeding.

However, some health practitioners are of the opinion that laser hair removal is safe for pregnant women since laser radiations do not penetrate deep enough to get to affect the foetus. Then there those who say that the treatment is safe as long as it is done in the early stages of the pregnancy. There are yet others who are of the opinion that lasers can be administered safely as long as the bikini, abdomen and breast areas are avoided.

In circumstances where it is not clear whether or not “is laser hair removal safe for pregnant women?”, the safest option would be to put off the procedure until one is through delivering their baby. Some laser clinics or specialists will not offer hair removal services to expectant women or if they do, topical anaesthesia is not used and some body areas like the abdomen are steered clear of.

If you decide to take the risk, despite all that has been said, consult with your obstetrician and a laser specialist first for you to make an informed decision.

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