Hair Removal For Men

Gone are the days when hair removal is restricted to females only. Sure, men shave their beards and moustaches but we are talking about hair in other places. Nowadays, more and more men are looking into getting unwanted hair removed from their bodies, such as from the chest and back, for aesthetic purposes. Some men opt to remove unwanted hair in light of their occupation eg. a swimmer or a body builder. For whatever reason, hair removal methods for men are becoming more popular than ever. There are a lot of hair removal methods available for men, as the same for women. There are laser hair removal procedures, electrolysis, depilatories and waxing, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Laser hair removal treatments use light to kill the hair root inside the hair shaft. Hair may still regrow are it doesn’t kill the hair follicle itself. It usually requires at least eight treatments to see results, with touch-up treatments twice a year. Most men prefer the laser hair removal method as it is painless and offers semi-permanent removal for men

If you want a permanent hair removal method, then electrolysis might be the option for you. It is the only recognised permanent hair removal method as it penetrates the hair shaft, sending small shocks of electricity to kill the cells and the hair follicle. It targets each hair strand one by one which may require time, depending on how much hair you want to remove.

Another effective way of hair removal for men is waxing, which uses wax to remove hair from the root. A hot or cold wax is applied on the treatment area and is pulled away in one quick motion. However, this can become quite painful especially to sensitive areas. And since it is usually done by a beauty technician, you would need to bear showing your private areas to them.

If you are looking into removing hair only on the skin level, depilatories might be suitable for you. There are creams, lotions and gels available that dissolves the hair’s natural protein, allowing you to wipe them off after the application. However, since these may contain strong chemicals, it is not advised to use it on sensitive areas such as on the eyebrows and private parts.

Men’s hair is typically thicker and coarser than that of women’s hair. Hair removal procedures for men may require special needs that differ from women’s. Thus, it is important to have these procedures done by a professional who specialises in hair removal in men. Men can feel quite at a loss with which hair removal method is appropriate for them, and weighing each hair removal method’s pros and cons can help with the selection process.

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