Epilators Hair Removal

The term epilation refers to the process of removing an entire hair, including the hair follicle which is the part below the skin. There are now electrical epilators which are made up of tweezer type heads, coil spring or rotating discs. They are usually powered by battery or wall plug. Epilators are designed to pull and pluck multiple hairs at a time when they are rolled over the skin. They are best used on areas with large amount of hair as it has very few adverse effects.

Before hair removal is carried out with an epilator, it is advised to take a hot bath and then completely dry off. The temperature of the room should be warm because cold air tightens the skin. The skin is then pulled tight in order to prevent snagging and make the process less painful. Hair on the targeted area is made to stand using hands, so once the epilator is rolled over the skin all the hairs can be pulled out at the same time.

The epilator is moved against the direction of the hair growth and is held perpendicularly. Often hair is trimmed before using this technique so that the removal process is less painful. After the epilating is completed, skin moisturizers or soothing creams can be applied over skin in order to reduce swelling or skin irritation. After it has been used, the epilator head is then cleaned thoroughly in order to minimize the chance of contamination or infection. Epilator cleansing solutions are often used in order to clean the head of the device.epilator hair removal

There are a lot of advantages in using epilators. First, epilators are very convenient and easy to use. There is no need to go to waxing salons as it can be carried out in the convenience of your own home. The device is handy and easy to use and usually only takes a few minutes to remove unwanted hair from common areas. Since hair is removed from the roots, skin is left smooth and hairless for at least a couple of weeks, depending on your hair growth rate.

Epilators are also relatively cheap, with prices starting from £45, depending on the model and brand. There are also high-end versions whose prices range from £150 to £250. But buying one is often a good investment as the device can be used for many years and thus saving more compared to going to the waxing salon every month. More importantly, epilators can also remove very short hair even if it is less than a millimeter in length, unlike other hair removal methods which require at least half an inch of hair.

There are also epilators with extra attachments such as massage rollers and light to illuminate the skin area. There are also models which are designed to cover a larger area which can be utilised in one single movement. As with any hair removal method, there can be swelling and skin irritation afterwards but it can be treated by skin exfoliants and soothing creams. The same kind of oils can also be used to treat ingrowing hairs, a common occurrence with epilators hair removal.

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