Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal is a fast and effective way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair in different body parts. However, the one thing that has some people put off going for laser treatment is the fear that “does laser hair removal hurt?”. It appears that some people are allergic to any type of pain and thus have huge reservations. To such a group of people any thought of pain is a complete turn off, the potential benefits notwithstanding. This brings us to address the common question, does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser treatment, like any other surgical procedure does have some level of pain or discomfort. However, a laser experience is not the same for everyone. For example, for some people, it is not pain but discomfort they feel. If there is any consolation, most people are able to handle the pain well, and there will be no wounds or bleeding.

Whether laser hair removal hurts will depend on the following:
1. Skin colour – people who have light skin colour or tones tend to feel less pain than those that are dark skinned.
2. Hair type – if you have fine hair, laser hair removal is likely to hurt less than somebody with thick hair. People with dark hair are likely to hurt more than those with light coloured hair. This is because dark hair or skin absorbs more light, which in turn generates more heat and thus pain.
3. Pain threshold – different people have different pain tolerance levels and so just because a family member only felt some slight pain during the procedure doesn’t mean this will be the same for you. Your pain tolerance level could be lower or higher.does laser hair removal hurt
4. The target area – different body parts have different sensitivity, the more sensitive the area, the more pain you are likely to experience as the procedure is done. Lip and chin are such sensitive areas.
5. Type of laser equipment used – some laser equipment have cooling systems which help to reduce pain.
6. Laser setting – the laser setting used during the hair removal procedure depends on a client’s sensitivity. This implies that the setting has to be right to minimise discomfort or pain.
7. Professional skills of provider – you are more likely to have does laser hair removal hurt issues with quacks or less experienced providers than if you use expert or professional services. Cheap can get painful.
8. Candidate for laser treatment – it is important that proper consultation and tests are done to determine that you are a candidate for laser treatment. This will prevent painful and fatal consequences.

The fear that does laser hair removal hurt can be addressed in a number of ways. For example, one can use topical anaesthesia, numbing creams or cooling agents to numb the target area. Shaving the treatment area two days before the laser session or placing ice packs on the treatment area before and after the procedure are other good options. It also appears that if you have previously used other hair removal methods like shaving or electrolysis, the pain is likely to be less.

And so just because you have the burning question of does laser hair removal hurt to deal with, this is not reason enough for you to miss all the good things that laser treatment has to offer. You now have the basics and should be able to deal with any challenges the procedure might present.

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