Depilatories Hair Removal

The word ‘depilation’ means the process of removing the hair at the skin level. Chemical depilatories are one of the most common hair removal methods. Chemical depilatories use calcium thioglycolate to chemically dissolve hair and break down the disulphide bonds in keratin. This weakens the hair strand so that it can be scraped off the skin.

Chemical depilatories are usually in lotion, cream, gel and powder forms. The most common brands are Sally Hansen and Veet. There are also a variety of depilatory products for different kinds of hair. Depending on the part of the body, some hair is stronger than others and thus requires different intensities, therefore there are different variants of chemical depilatories available for various parts of the body.

There are many advantages to using chemical depilatories. First, it is inexpensive and easily accessible. They can be purchased at any local pharmacy or grocery such as Superdrug and Sainsbury’s. The price ranges of these products are usually £3 to £5, depending on the type and brand. Another advantage is that the procedure takes only a couple of minutes for the hair to fall out. If used properly depilatories hair removal are pain free, easy to apply and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. This avoids the need to go to expensive waxing salons for a professional to do the procedure for you. Afterwards, the skin just needs to be washed off with water and thedepilatories hair removal excess hair will be washed away with it. Additionally, there are also depilatory creams that exfoliate the skin.

There are also some disadvantages to chemical depilation. It should be noted that the active ingredient of such products act on keratin which dissolves the hair. The epidermis in turn is rich in keratin which can lead to skin irritation if the cream is left on for too long. They can also cause skin discoloration and allergic reactions. Additionally, chemical depilatories are only recommended to be used on arms and legs, and not on the face, unless specified in the label. This is due to the fact that skin on our face is more sensitive than other parts of our body so facial hair removal should always be done with care. Additionally, hair can re-grow in a couple of days, depending on how fast your hair grows so treatments may need to be carried out regularly. Furthermore, some chemical depilatories have a foul smell and can be a bit messy to use. However, there are specific brands of depilatories that do not have any foul odour, but can be a bit more expensive than the regular kind.

Since skin irritation is one of the most prominent concerns, it is important to do a test patch on your skin before attempting hair removal with depilatories. By doing so, you can check if there will be any adverse effects to your skin before using it for the rest of your body. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that the skin is clean before application. This makes sure that dirt and oil does not get in the way of the depilation process. It is important to remember depilatory creams should never be applied to open cuts or wounds or skin breaks in order to avoid irritation.

If the depilatory is used properly and the instructions are followed correctly, it is an easy and pain free hair removal method.

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