Complete Hair Removal

Hair removal involves getting rid of unwanted hair in different areas of the body. Hair removal can be partial or complete, it is a matter of personal taste. Complete hair removal involves removing hair to bare skin while the opposite is the case for partial removal. People remove hair for aesthetic, cultural or health reasons. Hair removal is a centuries old practice. Different cultures prefer different body parts for hair removal. In past times, common areas for hair removal were the face, head and legs but today, almost any body part qualifies for hair removal. Methods used to remove hair have evolved as well and now it is possible to remove hair permanently.

In earlier times, shaving was the method used to remove hair. Today, there are many removal choices like waxing, creams, sugaring, tweezing, electrolysis and laser, the last two being very recent innovations. Different hair removal methods are suited for different body areas, the determinant being the sensitivity of the skin. Temporary but effective methods for complete hair removal include shaving, creams, waxing and sugaring. Creams and shaving are fairly painless, fast and easy to use. Electrolysis and laser offer permanent results.

Beauty and women are inseparable, it is therefore not surprising that a significant portion of women’s lives is spent engaging in some kind of beauty regime, hair removal being one of them. Body parts like the face, armpits, arms, legs, chest and back are areas most women detest having hair and for these, complete hair removal is a popular option. This is especially the case for women in the modelling profession where, except for the head, any sort of hair is best kept out of sight.complete hair removal

Hair removal in women has other advantages as well. Hair tends to attract dirt and retain sweat hence the less hair one has in any given body part, the better for them. This is particularly applicable to the area under the arms. Most women may not realise this but part of the reason some skin conditions seem untreatable is because the hair covering the area is also a haven for disease causing organisms. This is more of a problem for women who have poor personal grooming practices.

For areas like the face, complete hair removal is the rule rather than the exception for most women. This is one part of a woman’s anatomy where it is unusual to have hair. In fact, some cultures see it as a sign of bad luck. Advanced hair removal methods like laser are a godsend to women with facial hair problems since it offers a permanent solution. That aside, removing hair completely in some body sections makes women feel cleaner and more beautiful. This has a way of improving a woman’s self esteem and imparting a sense of general well being.

Depending on one’s skin sensitivity, some women might react to complete hair removal by itching or having a rash. It is therefore recommended that they consult a skin specialist first to help prevent or address the problem. In situations where one is not confident about their home hair removal capabilities, it is best to seek professional hair removal services.

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